Designing for the "How"

One of the first questions you should ask yourself before creating a presentation is “how” - how will your story be experienced? There are many options, and they impact the design choices you’ll make. Below are some of the formats that data analysis (or really any business presentation) can take:

  • An in-person presentation

  • Someone presenting on your behalf

  • Remote presentation

  • On a website

  • Mobile

  • Printed Report

While a lot of them will be using the same basic vehicles (dashboards or slides), the “how” should definitely impact the design. The size of graphics you use in an in-person presentation with a monitor will not be the same as the size you choose if you’re designing for mobile or digital - where screens are much closer to the audience.

Building your graphics can keep interest when you’re presenting remotely, but is difficult and expensive to accomplish if it’s a printed report or PDF that you’re handing off. And if the audience has control of their data experience, like do if you create a website and provide access, then you’ll need to guide them through the analysis and data storytelling with words and sequencing, since you won’t be actively speaking with them.

This series of posts is going to explore different mediums and the unique conditions to consider for each.