Andrea K Haley

Using design to improve interactions across products, processes, and people. Experience with marketing, UX, product management, and analytics.

The Bund, Shanghai, China.

The Bund, Shanghai, China.

How people interact with their environments has always fascinated me. That interest led me to architecture, historic preservation, and now to UX and product management. Though my execution changed, from designing and managing the built environment, to designing and managing digital products, I’ve always kept user needs at the core of what I do.

By understanding business needs and prioritizing new features based on user impact, I redesigned and launched a marketing website for AVE, a multifamily housing company, and managed the product roadmap that introduced enhancements, allowing visitors to see availability, features, and complete transactions seamlessly.

User experience is best understood through collaboration, and one of my favorite collaborations has been working with data scientists to turn their analysis into storytelling narratives. These stories were presented so that executives and operations managers could take immediate action. My strength in storytelling and design allows me to engage cross-departmentally and to present complex ideas clearly.

Similar to a building or a website, presentations need to keep users at the focus, to provide the best experience possible. This led me to create content on the importance of UX in different areas.

When I'm not designing or managing products, I love exploring Philadelphia and cities I travel to, seeking out areas that the old and new combine in new ways; I'm often reading and listening to experts on innovation and change-making; and I'm always seeking out the perfect bowtie for my dog to strut his stuff.